Steel interior doors

Steel interior doors create an industrial and modern look in your home or at your company. Steel however, is prone to rust, wear and fluctuations in temperature, which is why aluminium is the perfect replacement. All of the benefits and none of the drawbacks! At IDA, you can design your interior doors yourself and even give the frame a steel look and texture.

Why aluminium is better than steel for your interior doors

Steel was one of the favourite building materials during the last century. It was readily available and offered a good alternative to wood. Nowadays, people love the steel look because it reminds them of earlier days while still being compatible with modern styled interior doors and other accessories. With proper treatment however, aluminium looks exactly like steel. Yet its traits are far superior to those of steel. It does not rust, colours stay fresh much longer and aluminium is a far better insulator than steel is. In short, aluminium interior doors offer you the same look and feel as steel doors, only with far better traits.

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