Sliding doors

With our sliding doors you have the possibility between a modern or industrial look. The modern look has a sleek and discreet system with invisible wall mounting. The industrial look has a vintage sliding door fitting that gives a cool accent and is equipped with large wheels to roll softly and gracefully. Both are space-saving because you no longer have to take a turning angle into account.

Below you will find a selection of our offer, but the possibilities are infinite. Let us know what your wishes are, or contact your IDA dealer in your area for more information.

Modern sliding system

Industrial sliding system


Infinite possibilities

Furthermore, you have plenty of options to customize your door to your interiors. You can choose, for example, transoms and mullions in your door to create multiple glass windows.

Our interior doors exude an unprecedented elegance in our specially designed powder coating with hammer finish effect, but of course you can choose the colour of your door yourself thanks to our extensive colour palette.

Why aluminum?

Our aluminium interior solutions are :

  • 3x lighter than steel
  • Thinner than wooden interior doors
  • Easy to maintain so that your door remains in an optimal condition

May we provide your interior with the finishing touch

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