Internal steel and glass doors

Internal steel and glass doors serve both an esthetical and a practical purpose. Esthetical in the sense that steel and glass doors create elegance, allow natural light to pass through to the internal sections of the house and offer an industrial, modern look. Practical in the sense that internal doors have an insulating effect. The problem with steel and glass doors for internal use though, is that steel is a rather poor insulator. Which is exactly why aluminium doors are the preferred choice.

Internal steel and glass doors: the perfect combination of two materials

Did you know that internal aluminium and glass doors look exactly the same as steel doors? At IDA, we add a special coating to the aluminium, giving it an identical steel look, only without the drawbacks. Aluminium for instance:

  • Is lightweight so the doors are easy to open and close and are less likely to screech in their hinges.
  • Is a better insulator than steel
  • Does not rust and has no need for a special coating, unlike (carbon) steel

Combine these advantages with the amount of light that you get from a glass door with a minimalistic frame, and you just found the perfect combination for your new internal doors! Care to know more, or do you have a specific request? Contact IDA via the contact sheet, or visit one of our official partners.

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