Internal house doors

Internal house doors made from glass and aluminium do not rust and are resistant to vermin such as termites, which would be devastating for wooden doors. These are just some of the benefits that you will reap from IDA’s internal house doors. Interested in more information? Please feel free to get in touch.

The advantages of aluminium and glass internal house doors

When decorating your new home, or when renovating your office, your choice of materials and styles is based on personal preference and practicality. So, what exactly are the advantages of internal house doors made from glass and aluminium? An overview:

  • Aluminium and glass do not rust, peel or corrode, making them extremely durable.
  • Glass doors create a spacious effect indoors
  • Glass doors, lined with an aluminium frame, create a minimalistic and modern look

Not to mention that internal house doors in general prevent draft and maintain heat, which lead to a more comfortable indoor climate.

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The convenient dealer locater on our website helps you find the nearest dealer. If you have further questions, contact IDA by filling out our contact sheet. We are happy to find a solution that completely fits your needs.

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