Interior glass doors

Proper interior glass doors allow for natural light to pass through and create a beautiful interplay of light. As an added benefit, the additional light inside the house reduces the need for artificial lighting, which is better for both the environment and your wallet.

Stylish, safe and user-friendly interior glass doors

Not everyone is a fan of glass interior doors, mostly because people think they are unsafe. IDA however, maintains the highest safety standards by framing the doors with high quality aluminium frames. Interior glass doors are also very user-friendly because the glass and the aluminium door frame are far less prone to wear and tear. Instead, you will let in the maximum amount of natural light, enjoy the comforts of a stylish interior and the certainty of a door that lasts for years.

Compose your own interior doors

Are you looking for a particular style or look? Then you are in luck. At IDA, you compose your own interior doors. You choose the colour, the style and the glass. Once you have made your choice our experts create the doors according to your wishes.

Inquire about the possibilities at our partners

Products designed by IDA are available at associated partners. Our POS and premium partners possess their own showroom where you can assess our craftsmanship yourself. Experienced advisors are present and more than happy to answer your questions and help you with the design of your new interior glass doors. You will find your nearest dealer via our website.


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