Interior double doors

Interior double doors made from top-grade aluminium by IDA, create the ultimate spatial effect inside your house. Modern interiors tend to involve all aspects of your house and transform it into a cohesive unit in which all individual parts fit together. To this end, interior double doors are ideal as they create a spacious effect and, especially when finished in glass, allow for lots of natural light to pass through.

Aluminium interior double doors with a steel look create a minimalistic and modern home

If you are a fan of the modern, minimalistic look, aluminium double doors are the way to go when composing your interior. The aluminium frame is painted in the exact colour of your choosing, and different textures give the doors a unique look. By adding large glass windows, your house looks more spacious, harmoniously lit and very exclusive.

Start the process to perfect double interior doors today!

To create the doors that you want, we need your input first. Therefore, inform us about your wishes by filling out our contact sheet, or contact one of our partners via the dealer locator. If you want to observe our craftsmanship first, be sure to visit a premium partner or POS with a showroom.

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