About us

IDA, or ‘Interior Doors Aluminium’, answers to the trend of minimalist interior doors and walls with the appearance of steel. Even better. We do it with aluminium! Why? Discover the advantages of our aluminium interior solutions below.


Why aluminium?

Our aluminium interior solutions are :

  • 3x lighter than steel
  • Thinner than wooden interior doors
  • Easy to maintain so that your door remains in an optimal condition

Infinite possibilities

Thanks to our extensive collection you can create an appropriate door for all your wishes and every interior style, such as modern, classic or industrial, which makes your home unique. Our minimalist Aluminium profiles in combination with glass, ensure transparency and a natural light in your house which creates a very bright and spacious effect. Discover our extensive range of indoor solutions.

Tailor-made craftmanship

Thanks to the specific way of development, we always deliver tailor-made solutions which are locally produced. You can also find an IDA dealer in your region which has been carefully selected for you. Our professionals were selected on their experience within the aluminium industry.

Endless colour palette

Our aluminium interior doors exude an unprecedented elegance in our specially designed powder coating with hammer finish effect, which provides an industrial look. Of course we have an extensive range of colours and structures. Every colour is possible, we leave the choice to you. You also benefit a standard 15 year paint-work guarantee. You can request the conditions of our paint-work guarantee by IDA our an IDA-dealer.

100% durable product

We choose for a sustainable approach! The raw material for aluminium is available in large quantities and aluminium is 100% recyclable. Therefore, aluminium can be reused completely without compromising on quality. This process can be repeated forever.

IDA is part of Aliplast Aluminium Systems Belgium which is part of the internationally renowned Corialis Group. Both IDA and Aliplast develop aluminium systems for indoor and outdoor solutions for windows and doors. Visit www.aliplast.com for more information about the outdoor solutions.

May we provide your interior with the finishing touch

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